Our solutions

Our adaptability constantly leads us to create new solutions to best meet our client’s needs.

Our “Field Lawyers®” solution is particularly suitable for companies that wish to retain the services of an experienced lawyer in-house while keeping the costs under control.

We have also developed various modular tariff formulas, designed to provide predictability, flexibility, and transparency


The lawyer is remunerated based on either a pre-agreed hourly rate or a fixed price for a specific project.

For litigation, a “success fee” can also be negotiated.

This formula is particularly suitable for clients who wish to consult a lawyer in the context of litigation or other one-off cases.


Clients pay in advance for a certain number of hours of services (or “credits”) at a preferential rate to be used without time limit. Our lawyers continue to offer their services until the credits are exhausted.

This option is particularly suitable for clients who want to be able to call upon their lawyer quickly, without having to (re)discuss fees, or whose legal needs vary from year to year.

Daily Flat

We provide our services on an all-inclusive daily basis.

The client decides the number of lawyers and days of services it requires.

This formula is particularly suitable for clients who need lawyers for a relatively long period of time or for projects of a certain size.


After having precisely identified your needs (matters to be covered, legal monitoring, whether or not it is necessary to provide our services on your premises, etc.), we agree on an all-inclusive tariff covering all your legal and compliance requests during a year.

Whatever the number of hours worked during this period of time, no extra charge will be made.
This formula is particularly suitable for clients who want total control over their legal or compliance costs.

Secondment to companies – also known as legal interim – consists in a lawyer going to his clients’ premises to provide services.

Ethikos’ lawyers all have many years of experience in secondment in various sectors.

To illustrate our individuality on the market, Ethikos has registered the trademark Field Lawyer®.

This new way of working corresponds to our values and offers our clients the following guarantees:


Our clients are in direct and continuous contact with our lawyers and therefore have full visibility on their work.

Immediate added value
("plug & play")

Because of their expertise and adaptability, our lawyers are directly operational. Their added value can be seen as soon as they arrive in the company.


The proximity that our lawyers develop with our clients enables them to offer tailor-made and directly transposable solutions.

Professional secrecy

Our lawyers are bound by a professional secrecy that is punishable under criminal law. This constitutes an additional guarantee to ensure the confidentiality of the information transmitted by our clients.

Soft skills

In the course of their careers, our lawyers have developed numerous “soft skills” which enable them to integrate very quickly into our clients’ teams.