Insurance & Pension law

The expertise of Ethikos on Insurance & Pension law

We deal with all legal and tax aspects of individual and collective pension commitments for the self-employed and employees.

Our expertise vis-à-vis pension funds, insurance companies, and brokers covers :

  • the study and development of second pillar life policies (group insurance, individual pension commitments, PLCI, CPTI, INAMI, Revenu Garanti…) ;
  • the taxation of insurances;
  • back-office and distribution network support, as well as the training of internal staff and commercial partners;
  • the process of medical acceptance and follow-up of claims in case of incapacity, subrogation recourse;
  • solidarity benefits;
  • cross-functional consultations in connection with life insurance (seizures, bankruptcy, inheritance tax, divorce, anti-discrimination, social security, etc.);
  • cross-border aspects (freedom to provide services);
  • relations with the supervisory authorities, including litigation.

SMEs and private individuals also consult us when liquidating their pension plan, in the event of incapacity of work or claims covered by a solidarity component, as well as when a claim is rejected for deductibility under the 80% rule.

Our experts