Dominique Espeel


+32 496.10.59.83

Dominique combines bar and in-house legal counsel experience and provides pragmatic legal advice and assistance to her clients in general commercial and corporate law matters, including training (internal and external).

She has a special experience in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, with a focus on procurement agreements (RFQ procedures, CAPEX, OPEX, raw materials, services, logistics). She is familiar with working on an interdisciplinary level (with engineers, scientists, logistic specialist, etc.), in an international and multilingual context (especially Benelux, Germany, Hungary, and the USA).

She also assists her clients with corporate law matters, including M&A and restructuring. Admitted to the Brussels bar in 1998, Dominique has also gained experience in front-office sales and business development, as an in-house lawyer and as a legal interim consultant. She works fluent in German, Dutch, French, and English, on a daily basis.  


Sector Experience

Chemical Engineering

Service voucher industry

Property management



Legal Expertise

Commercial law

Commercial contracts

Corporate law


Commercial renting 


‣ Education
1993-1998 Law degree (KU Leuven, Université Lyon III)
  • German
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French